Sunday, 29 October 2017

November 2017 Mothly Meeting

This month we welcome Paul Patton whose subject will be "Autumn Inspirations". Just the sort of thing to keep us occupied in the garden for the next few weeks.
Here is a bit of background about Paul:
"He is a Professional Gardening Consultant ,writer, speaker and broadcaster who has over thirty years experience in growing and looking after plants.
He specialises in plant care including pest, disease and weed control;feeding, propagation and all other general growing techniques.
Paul now uses his considerable experience to run his own freelance business that  offers a wide range of gardening and related activities. He supports gardeners across the UK through his regular slot on BBC Southern Counties Radio, at talks to clubs and societies, question time at many  of the key gardening shows and events and through his writing. Paul has a passion for growing anything that he and his children can eat fresh from the garden, particularly the more unusual and exotic crops. The biggest pest in his garden  are his three teenage Boys!"
Hope we shall see you at the Red Cross Hall, Oxted on Wednesday 1 November for 8pm.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Harvest Supper

On Saturday 14 October was the date for an LODHS "first". Our Harvest Supper took place at the Red Cross Hall, Oxted and proved to be a most enjoyable occasion.
We were especially thankful to Sylvia for organising everything so professionally.
There a choice for our main course of beef casserole, chicken & leak pie, or a vegetarian option. After that we had choices of pudding including crumble and roulade. Coffee and mints then rounded off the menu. All this went down very well with everyone.
Then, just for fun, a quiz was circulated to each table. Despite many multiple choice answers to questions, it was still quite tough, but enjoyable just the same.
Finally, there was a raffle ticket by each place, with a draw at the end of the evening. The lucky winner can be seen below.
We all look forward, hopefully, to repeating the event in 2018.

Supper organiser Sylvia

The prize draw winner

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

October Monthly Meeting

Elaine Merrylees (centre) is seen chatting after her talk
Out talk this month was given by Elaine Merrylees, and concerned the topic of permaculture. A lot of us are probably not entirely sure what the subject is about, or perhaps associate it with the idea of using plants for a roof covering.
The talk by Elaine gave us instances of the important things that can be achieved by the practice of permaculture which combines three aspects:
1. An ethical framework
2. Understandings of how nature works
3. A design approach
This unique combination provides an ethical framework that is used to design regenerative systems at all scales - from home and garden to community, farm and bioregions.
We we given several examples of arid environments where with careful management of water harvesting along with a balance in the use of crops and animals could produce viable and hospitable landscapes thus supporting the local populations.
The illustrated talk gave us a photographic demonstration "before" and "after". The success of the various projects was clearly evident.
We were left wondering why we do not hear more about the activities of the Permaculture Association and similar organisations. Click here to find out more.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Hurst Green Flower and Produce Show

Saturday 2 September was the date for the Hurst Green Gardening Club Flower and Produce Show at St Agatha's Hall.
As usual, a splendid show was mounted, as can be seen from the photos below, taken by Jenny.
They also make visitors very welcome be they exhibitors or viewers. Long may it all continue.