Saturday, 29 March 2014

Your Fuchsia is here......

Come and join us on Wednesday 2 April at 8pm in the Red Cross Hall, Oxted for our monthly meeting. The guest speaker is Carol Gubler who will be talking about fuchsias through the season.
Carol has written a step by step guide to fuchsia growing, and will, without doubt, inspire us to grow some this year
In addition members will be bringing their "Carlton" daffodils, and those present at the meeting will be judging which they think is best.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Eyes to the Right!

You may want to take a look at a couple of additions to the is site. We have a new page for the LIMPSFIELD COMMUNITY ORCHARD, with their latest Newsletter, and a link for THE TWEET OF THE DAY. This link is to the BBC website giving access to all their broadcast Tweets of the Day. You can just listen to them or download them to your own computer.
Just give a couple of click on these links which you will find just to the right of this note.


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Simon Waddilove

Simon is a dedicated orchid enthusiast, and these distinctive plants fill his professional life.
However, his personal passion is for the caniverous plants to be found in the southern United States, amongst a really inhospitable environment (eg: heat, humidity, snakes, water, bogs, ants, mosquitoes etc). These extraordinary plants can grow to about 4ft high in this area, and the photo is an example of what can be seen. 
Despite their size the plants consume just one fly per year.
To find these locations really falls in to the category of modern exploration, as they are not easy to find, and are becoming rarer as land is drained and developed.
Julie brought along some the books her father (John Blowers) wrote about orchids, and is seen below chatting with Simon.
A very worthwhile evening. Catch him when you can.