Friday, 3 April 2015


We were given an insight into the working of plant heritage and conservation by
Jude Lawton who looks after  the Kent for further information that can be found on the Plant Heritage website.
Helen Ellson talking to Jude Lawton
What incredible, and valuable work this organisation undertakes to ensure that all types of plants are conserved for the future. The work is conducted with little funding and is mostly dependent on the enthusiasm of its donors, members and those  (often the same) who are custodians of the individual plant collections. Do take a look.

One thing you can do is become a plant guardian, which allows people across the UK to become involved cultivated plant conservation in their own back garden, greenhouse, allotment or windowsill. This is the case even if you do not have a threatened plant already, and no, you do not have top house a collection. Take a look at this link to find out more.


At the AGM last December, members were invited to take away to grow some examples of the "Golden Harvest" variety of daffodil. The object being to bring them back, in flower, to the meeting on Wednesday 1 April. We were delighted to have seven splendid entries. The judges were those attending the meeting who could vote by placing a coin in pot of the one they thought to be the best. The entry with the most coins being the winner.
It was nearly a family affair with Alan Essex the winner, Sandra Essex third, but sitting between them is Roger Hewitt who came in second.
Our thanks to Rick and Jenny for organising the competition.
On the right is the champ with his winning entry.