Sunday, 17 May 2020


Our plans to hold a Plant Sale on Saturday 17 May could not take place because of the current restrictions.

However, an intrepid band of LODHS growers were deep into developing a scheme to encourage first time growers to make a start. All this took place on our Facebook pages under the banner "LOVE" ((Limpsfield and Oxted Veg Experiment).

All this activity culminated in boxes of assorted veg being ready for collection on Saturday 16 May. Each collection was timed and organised so that social distancing was maintained. Advice will continue to be given, so keep a watch on this link to Facebook.

Our thanks also go to all those who purchased boxes, and we trust they will have an enjoyable and successful venture growing their own vegetables.

Chairman Rick had this to say:

"The 2020 Plant sale turns to LOVE (Limpsfield and Oxted 
Veg Experiment)  has been a resounding success, well done 
to everybody involved.
My thanks especially to Sally, Kate, Morag and Karen 
without their enthusiasm and commitment it would not have 
My thanks also to everyone who grew plants for the sale.
I think this could be the start of a new direction for the 
Thanks, again and well done to all."

The planting begins

The boxes are ready for collection
A typical box ready for planting by its new owner

Monday, 20 April 2020


The dazzle of the blossom continues despite the general gloom. Just shows how wonderful nature can be.
We do hope you are able to get outside for exercise to enjoy the show of blossom. It really does cheer you up.
Thanks to Rick for submitting.

RM: Auricula looking splendid, following purchase
at the March Meeting

Friday, 17 April 2020

Out and about

We have received a number of photos, and thought it worth while to publish so as ro cheer us all up. Hopefully, the beautiful weather over most of Easter inspired some of us to get out in the garden and really enjoy it.  It also seems perverse, that taking a walk for exercise can be such a pleasurable experience, given the delights of spring and the relative peace from traffic noise.The Magnolias seem to have had a tough time flowering just as we were experiencing a few frosts. Do you have a photo of one that got away with it?
Keep the photos coming and we will publish some more soon.
In the meantime keep healthy and well. 

HE: Spring in the Limpsfield Community Orchard

Camelias in two colours looking good
A dazzle of white blossom
A double header
Some last daffodils standing to attention in Limpsfield 

TC: Our primroses have also done very well.
CM (above and below): Tulips starting to come out, and a quite full greenhouse

Wednesday, 1 April 2020


1 April is the day we were supposed to have our Monthly Meeting, and it was to include our Annual Daffodil Competition.
Alas, that is not to be, but shown below are some of the exhibits we would have seen. Thank you to those who have sent photos. others will be added as received.
CM: I did get my daffodil out and I am pleased to say that it is still going strong.  I have to admit I thought it would have been over by the time of the meeting, but not so.
ME:I planted my daffodil in December. And amazingly it has flowered right on  in time. This is the best competition daffodil I have grown compared with those of previous years
RM & JM a couple of days ago
CD: Just wanted to show you that I made it on time with my daffodils.
MY: Past their best but made it to the day (just)

Friday, 20 March 2020

Daffodils "Fortune": The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

At the AGM last December daffodil bulbs were handed round, in readiness to grow for a competition at the Monthly Meeting in April 2020. Alas,  because of the Coronavirus outbreak the meeting has been cancelled.
So, we thought it would be an idea to see what has happened to those that are growing the bulbs, with hopefully a comment on how they have got on.
We hope the early  photos will show us how things are at the beginning of April.
Any submissions will be added to those below:
WS makes progress with the 2020 bulbs plus the 2019 (background) as well
PW's effort.Will it be flowering in early April?
Planted in December, moved it indoors in January and it flowered early March.
This year planted 12 Jan & grown on a shelf inside the small window of my shed. (I don’t have a greenhouse). Doing well. CD
Promise I’ll do better next year.  😂😂😂 MR
Only one of two bulbs in this pot....
.....but two in this one. However, both pots are too early in flower, and likely to be over by April MY

Thursday, 19 March 2020

The Coronavirus: a note from the Chairman

Following the Government’s advice your Committee have taken the decision to cancel the April meeting of the Society and we will make a decision in due course about the cancellation of the rest of our meetings up to the summer.
As our daffodil competition will not happen if you have any photographs of them can you please send them to Malcolm Young ( and we will put them up here.
It also looks likely that we will have to call off both the plant sale and the planned ‘Summer Show’
We will try and keep you informed of developments via e-mail and on our blog. The monthly newsletter will be going out by email only.
If we are required to self-isolate at least we have our gardens to enjoy.
If your daffodils are looking good can you add them to the Woodhouse Centre garden to give it some more spring colour. Just tuck them away nearby and Chris will plant them.
Wishing you all the very best
Richard Meakin
Chairman Limpsfield Oxted and District Horticultural Society

Friday, 6 March 2020

Primula Auriculas - March 2020

On Wednesday 4 March, at our Monthly Meeting we enjoyed a well presented talk by Rachel Castle. 
She  owns and runs Swallowfields Nursery, a small specialist nursery at Elmstead in Kent, specialises in, her true love are Primula Auricula in all its various forms
Their natural habitat is the mountain regions of Europe, Pyrenees, Alps and Dolomites which gives a clue to their preferred conditions, good drainage, sunshine but partly shaded with little nutrients.
The Huguenots were keen horticulturists and when they fled Europe to the UK brought Auriculas with them. 50,000 of them fled from France  to England and many settled in Kent. There is even a Huguenot Chapel in Canterbury Cathedral.
Rachel after her talk
We viewed images of the various categories of Primula Auriculas. Borders which smell divine, Alpines without the dusting of farina with dark to light gradation of the blooms with little scent and Doubles with a wonderful scent. Then there are the Show Auriculas: selfs, green edged, white edged, stripped and fancy most with wonderful dusting of farina giving them an almost unreal appearance. They are, however, difficult to grow.
Rachel concluded with her top tips for successful growing:
No Swimming 
No Sunbathing 
Regular bottom inspections 
We then had the opportunity to view and purchase a selection of Auriculas.
Above and below: some of the plants for sale


Friday, 7 February 2020

Dan Ryan - Febbruary 2020

Our first meeting of 2020, which took place on Wednesday 5 February, the Guest Speaker was Dan Ryan, the Head Gardener of Gatton Park, Reigate RH2 0TW.
Of particular interest at the moment is the snowdrop season, which will make a visit particularly worth while. As the main building is a school, opening times are limited, please check details here:
Basically, the 260 acre estate was designed by Capability Brown, with the addition of Edwardian gardens by the then owner of the property Jeremiah Coleman (of mustard fame). He grew, and had a personal passion for orchids.
The estate is privately owned and is being restored by the Gatton Trust. The work continues to conserve the park. Dan would love to see the rather special Edwardian Greenhouses restored, and will do so as soon as funding permits.
There are water features, and in particular a main lake with a pan handle.
We were given the opportunity to purchase Gatton snow drops, Galanthus "elwesil" .
The 2020 Monthly Competition started at this meeting
and Chris D was the winner.