Sunday, 29 January 2017

FEBRUARY MEETING: Rhod Jones from Titsey Estate

Welcome to 2017 and on Wednesday 1 February at 8pm, our round of Monthly Meetings for the year starts.
Our speaker will be very welcome indeed, who is RHOD JONES the Head gardener of the Titsey Estate.
"The latest in a succession of head gardeners to continue the legacy at Titsey Place is Rhod Jones who took up the position in February 2014 after working for 20 years at Ashburnham Place in East Sussex restoring a Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown landscape, which included a walled kitchen garden. “I was ready to take up a new challenge,” he says. “Now we’re building on the work started by my predecessors in re-establishing and developing the Victorian kitchen garden here at Titsey Place.”
A team of just five gardeners manage the garden, a fraction of the number there would have been in Victorian times, employing methods from the past along with modern labour and time-saving advances.
“We endeavour to showcase many Victorian horticultural techniques but in the spirit of Victorian development also embrace new horticultural innovations such as computer controlled heating and ventilation systems,” says Rhod. “We are not strictly organic, as we use pesticides on the pathways, but we minimise our use of herbicides where possible and use a variety of biological controls for whitefly, aphids and mealy bug on the glasshouse crops.”  quote from Surrey Life