Tuesday, 20 May 2014



To mark the centenary of The Chelsea Flower Show, Roger created a garden for M&G in 2013 called ‘Windows through time’.
We are delighted to welcome him back to speak to us about exhibiting at Chelsea and the Centenary garden.
So make a note of Wednesday
4 June to come and hear him.
If you are not a member a very limited number of tickets are available. Please call/text 07913016687 for further details.


Our Plant Sale took place on a rather wet and uninviting Saturday morning in the middle of May. The top photo shows the what goes on setting up the hall, and the lower the action when the buyers are let in. Lots of first class plants to choose, most of which are not offered by supermarkets. All the proceeds support our activities throughout the year, and the plants are donated by members.

Hops and Hop Pickers

At the beginning of May our speaker was Chis Stewart, whose subject was Hops and Hop Pickers in the county of Kent. This was a combinations of general and social history, horticulture, beer and not not to mention a drop of economics. What a deluge of information to take in to what was a very large industry that has all but disappeared in the country.
It seems that that largest hop growers in Europe is Germany.